With version, we squeezed out the best general feature support for Windows 7, especially for Apple's multi-touch devices, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.

Microsoft stops Windows 7+8 driver signing support

This means we are unable to provide new signed drivers for Windows 7+8.x after 14th April 2021.

All Magic Utilities version until then will keep working but we can not release any new versions for Windows 7+8.

Official details here. More details here. More discussion here, continues here. Final conclusion here.

No new features for Windows 7+8 versions

Issues with horizontal scrolling and features like pinch zoom, momentum scrolling or external monitor brightness cannot be resolved with Windows 7 as the related touch and monitor interfaces (APIs) exist only since Windows 8.

  • Because Microsoft already officially stopped Windows 7 extended support in January 2020, we stopped any new feature development for Windows 7.
  • Furthermore, Windows 8 has less than 6% market share and mainstream support by Microsoft already ended, we also stop any new feature development for Windows 8.

Windows 10 + Windows 11 support

With new features for Windows 10+11 only, we can focus on the best (touch) feature support for the majority of users without making any compromise on backward compatibility for Windows versions which are already outdated.

For the various Windows 10+11 versions, we'll follow Microsoft's Windows life cycle support, all details here.

At this point in time, the Magic Utilities will run on any Windows 10+11 version, even with all planned features implemented.